Toyota “Rebel” celica ST185 GT-four racing car

Toyota "Rebel" Celica has been built to run on the track and on the street. The body of the car has gone through complete transformation and the look has been changed by widening body. The rear bumper is replaced by new custom diffuser. The most visible changes in the engine room are the new wrc-style plenum and the new location of the turbo on the left side of the engine. The fuel tank, the pumps and the surge tank are located on the trunk. Engine control is handled by KMS MD35 engine controller with e85 flexfuel sensor. The car was built in cooperation with MWSteel oy


Full specs list.

  • MW Steel concrete filled gen2 block
  • Eagle rods
  • Wössner pistons 9,0:1
  • ACL bearings
  • CAT CAMS valve springs and retainers
  • MW Steel cam wheels
  • MW Steel custom camshaft
  • MW Steel cooler and pipes
  • MW Steel plenum
  • MW Steel long tube exhaust manifold 309s
  • Bosch fuel pressure regulator and Bosch 044 fuel pumps 2pcs
  • Setrab oil coolers
  • MW Steel TOYOTA "ct20" turbo: inconel shaft,,billet compressor wheel, TIAL 28- exhaust chamber
  • Turbosmart 45mm wastegate
  • Mishimoto engine cooler
  • Davies craig EWP 150 waterpump and custom cooling circuit
  •  KMS MD35 engine management and dash



Celica exterior

Exterior has got some radical changes also. Celica has now custom wide-body mod and new spoiler and diffuser.



Celica Engine bay

Engine bay is fully modified by MW Steel from finland. Turbo has got new location from left side of engine bay. Motor has large WRC-style plenum and long tube exhaust manifold. All lines are made with AN connectors to help maintance.


Celica interior

Car had originally red color. Stock red color was repainted inside to get nice race look contrast with white body color. Fuel tank is located trunk with fuel pump and custom surge tank.


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